What really makes me angry about the world



Liveyourlegend.net has a 7 day blogging challenge and I signed up to give myself the extra push that I need to write more often. Today’s topic is what really makes me angry about the world.

When I saw the topic I let out a breath and thought about it for a few moments. Honestly, I couldn’t articulate what I was thinking. Has that ever happened to you? You know what you want to say, you can see it in your mind but can’t seem to get the thoughts down in written or verbal form. Let’s try this again because if I can think it I definitely can communicate it.

The lack of moral compass makes me angry about the world. It seems like the world has become so accepting of almost anything. The “If you’re ok with it, if it makes you happy then I’m ok with it” attitude is rampant. The result of this type of thinking is a generation of entitled, selfish, disrespectful individuals. It makes me angry.

The world justifies and accepts just about everything as ok, unless Christianity is attached to it of course and then it’s unacceptable.  It makes me angry that the world gets riled up and in a tizzy if Jesus or anything associated with the Bible is mentioned.

I’m going to end my post because honestly, I’d rather not focus on what about the world makes me angry. I’d like to focus on how we can make it better. In the Bible (Mark 12:30-31), Jesus tells us to Love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and then we’re to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I believe we are told to love God first because through our relationship with Him we learn who we are in Him and we learn to love ourselves. Once we love ourselves we can love our neighbors. When we live from this place of love, true love the world becomes a better place.

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