What do people thank me for


This is my second post for my 7 day blog challenge. I was supposed to write it yesterday but didn’t. Instead of staying discouraged, I jumped right back in and picked up where I left off. So, onto my second post. Today I am supposed to write about ways I help people with my talents, skill, and passions that I may not be giving myself credit for.

It is interesting that this is one of the topics that I am writing about as the year ends. This year I have realized that I take so much of my gifts and talents for granted. The things that I am gifted in require hardly any effort from me that I really don’t think that I am doing anything special.

So, what do people thank me for? People thank me for my wisdom, knowing just what to say, helping them go from overwhelm to calm. So, what are these gifts that help people so much?

  1. I am pretty good at discerning people and situations: When I meet a person I can usually pick up on their character and a little of what is really going on in their life, the unspoken stuff. Initially I thought these insights into the true nature of people were evident by everyone but now realize that they’re not and so I embrace this gift. This insight is really helpful when I’m coaching/advising.
  2. I am wise: I have experienced a lot in my life and so I have my lessons that I have learned to share with others. I also believe that because I am pretty good at discerning and seeing more than is initially presented I can offer counsel based on being able to really see what is going on. When I don’t know what to say I pray and ask God to give me wisdom. His wisdom is always the best.
  3. I am a good listener: Most people just want to be heard. I listen.

I just gave you a taste of my brilliance 🙂 What are some of your gifts and talents?

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