“Rochelle is such an inspiration to me. The wealth of information that I received from her has thrusted me to my next level !!”

Rachelle S.
Account Executive

“Rochelle is my source of inspiration. She is so supportive and encourages me to go for it.”

Dominique S.

“For almost a decade I have found myself seeking Rochelle as a confidant and a source of guidance and strength, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Her faith, insight, wisdom, and kindness have been an irreplaceable and constant beacon of hope that has led me through times of great personal struggle and suffocating darkness. I am blessed to be able to callher my friend and sister. Rochelle is one of the best people I know and I am better for knowing her, you will see.”

Chitra S.
Graphic designer

A few years ago I was sort of stuck in a rut. I knew I wanted to do something more but my mind would always think of a thousand excuses of why that elusive something could not be achieved and I believed those excuses. I truly only needed someone to listen to me, and tell me how those excuses, those barriers to leading a more fulfilling life could be worked around. That person for me was Rochelle! She spent countless hours sorting and walking through the maze of issues and excuses with me and one by one figuring a way out. She is sincere in her advice, and she cares!! This quality, of genuinely wanting to help out is what makes you open up to her and share your frustrations. If she does not have an answer for you right away, she will think about it, even do some research and come back with a suggestion. She will never abandon you to swim through the haze yourself!

The hardest thing when you are stuck like that is you do not which way you are destined to take and you are fearful. You need a little nudge or in my case a shove 🙂 to take the leap of faith, and Rochelle was instrumental in making me get out of my limbo and take action. Today I am half way through a degree in healthcare and I feel great!! Thank you, Rochelle!!”


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