Welcome to the Take Action on Your Dream Challenge!

I am so excited that you said “yes” you’re ready for things to be different in your life.  This  is going to be transformative!

Do the following to get the most from the challenge:

1. Have an open mind. Taking action on your dream may mean doing things differently from the way you’re currently doing them.

2. Add my email (info@arichandsatisfyinglife.com) to your contact list so that you do not miss any of the challenge emails.

3. Use a journal or notebook during and after the challenge. You’ll want to record how you’re feeling, your plan of action and your ideas.

4. During the challenge I will be going live in my Facebook group each day of the challenge to encourage and support you and answer your questions. Join the Facebook group here: The Life You Really Want Don’t be shy, introduce yourself and tell us what you want to happen by the end of the challenge.

5. You don’t want to transform your life and leave your friends behind. Invite them to join the challenge. Have them sign up at  bit.ly/mydreamactionplan

The challenge starts Monday 6 November and I’ll be live in the Facebook group at 12 pm ET daily. If you have any questions or topics that you would like for me to talk about during the challenge email me at info@arichandsatisfyinglife.com  I’m looking forward to meeting you in the Facebook group and creating a great week together. It’s going to be so much fun!

Love and Clarity,


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