Don’t give up

I am going through a very challenging time in my life right now but I have had a peace that, like the Bible says, “surpasseth all uderstanding”.  I thank God for that peace everyday because there is no way that I could wake up ready to face the day without it. 

This weekend however, my peace was gone. I woke up and the enormity of my situation slammed on me and I started to dread. I knew that I had to get my eyes back on the Lord or I would be a mess. I decided to fast breakfast and lunch and read the Bible and pray. That was Saturday. Still no peace. On Sunday I went to church,  no peace. Sunday night I spent time listening to worship music, reading my Bible and praying. No peace. 

I know that something is going on. I’m praying in the spirit, fasting, reading the Word, being still and no peace. God is ministering to me during this time. Strengthening me, teaching me, but my heart is still troubled. I know that I can’t be nonchalant about this. The Lord tells me that many Christians do not receive because we do not do what it takes to receive. We do not seek hard after Him. We ask for wisdom and if we don’t receive it right away we move on. We pray for peace and when it doesn’t come we try to find it a different way. If the Word says it, it means we can have, be, or do it. We cannot give up until we receive it. 

I go back to my prayer closet because I want whatever is causing the unrest in my life to be gone. I refuse to accept it, pretend it’s not there, give satan an entrance into my life. I will pray in tongues (because I don’t know what the problem is) until I have peace, until I have the answer. 

Are you giving up before you get what you are seeking for? Jesus says seek and you will find (Luke 11:9-10). Jeremiah 29:13 says you will find God when you seek for Him with your whole heart. Don’t give up before you have found what you are looking for. 

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You want my whole heart??

God says for us to trust Him with our whole heart and lean not on our own understanding. Such simple instructions but initially so difficult to do. 
I can tell you one thing, you will not be able to trust God if you do not have a relationship with Him. When God says to SEEK Him, that’s what He means.  As you spend time in His word (the Bible), spend time being quiet before Him, spend time talking to Him, asking Him questions, He will reveal Himself to you. Your trust in Him will grow because you know who He is. He is faithful, His word is true, His plan for you is a good one, and He loves you. 
I encourage you today to get to know Him. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. 

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What difference do I want to make in the world

Today’s topic for the blog challenge is: What difference do I want to make in the world.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I really do not like questions that make me go deep 🙂 Seriously, I don’t. I’m working on changing that though so here goes. I want people to pursue their dreams. I get so pumped up when I meet someone and they tell me about something that they want to do and then they proceed to tell me all the reasons why they’re not doing it. I want to scream, “Forget those excuses! You can do it, be it, experience it.”  I want the world to be filled with people who have joy in living.

I want to be remembered as someone who motivated and encouraged others to live their lives with joy, purpose, and passion. My website is because that is what I want for everyone, I want us all to live a rich and satisfying life. I know it’s possible because in John 10:10 Jesus let’s us know that that is why he came, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10b). I am getting excited just thinking about it! Is the life you are living a rich and satisfying one? If not, make it one.


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My elevator pitch

Happy New Year! Today’s topic for the blog challenge is to write my elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is basically me telling you what I do in just a few seconds. So, if we were to meet on an elevator and you asked me what I do, I would say to you:

“Hello, I’m Rochelle and I help people find joy in living.”

There you have it. I am passionate about helping people find joy in living. So many are going through the motions, living life on autopilot, hating it, and not doing anything about it. I want everyone to know that it doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to settle for what you currently have in your life. When you find joy in living you can better serve others. Imagine a world of people living life with joy. I like it!

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One thing I’m proud of


Today’s blog challenge is for me to write about one thing I’m proud of. Wow, I think God is trying to get my attention. I was asked this question last week while completing a goal setting workbook, this week in a conversation with a friend, and now today. So, what’s one thing I’m proud of?

I am proud of how I handled the many, many challenges I faced in 2015. 2015 was a year of incredible challenges and growth for me. I was challenged spiritually, in my health, finances, career, and purpose. The challenges were relentless, I would end one and enter another. I felt like I was in a battle and I was. During this time I clung to the Lord. I know that He is the only reason that I am still sane and can sleep at nights. Seriously, if you do not have a relationship with the Lord I encourage you to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8 KJV Bible). My troubles did not go away but He helped me to live despite what was going on around me.

I am proud of myself for seeking God first and not losing hope. I am proud of myself for continuing to press in, asking questions, learning, staying in faith, asking more questions, trusting, believing, pressing in, asking questions, trusting. What are you proud of?

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What do people thank me for


This is my second post for my 7 day blog challenge. I was supposed to write it yesterday but didn’t. Instead of staying discouraged, I jumped right back in and picked up where I left off. So, onto my second post. Today I am supposed to write about ways I help people with my talents, skill, and passions that I may not be giving myself credit for.

It is interesting that this is one of the topics that I am writing about as the year ends. This year I have realized that I take so much of my gifts and talents for granted. The things that I am gifted in require hardly any effort from me that I really don’t think that I am doing anything special.

So, what do people thank me for? People thank me for my wisdom, knowing just what to say, helping them go from overwhelm to calm. So, what are these gifts that help people so much?

  1. I am pretty good at discerning people and situations: When I meet a person I can usually pick up on their character and a little of what is really going on in their life, the unspoken stuff. Initially I thought these insights into the true nature of people were evident by everyone but now realize that they’re not and so I embrace this gift. This insight is really helpful when I’m coaching/advising.
  2. I am wise: I have experienced a lot in my life and so I have my lessons that I have learned to share with others. I also believe that because I am pretty good at discerning and seeing more than is initially presented I can offer counsel based on being able to really see what is going on. When I don’t know what to say I pray and ask God to give me wisdom. His wisdom is always the best.
  3. I am a good listener: Most people just want to be heard. I listen.

I just gave you a taste of my brilliance 🙂 What are some of your gifts and talents?

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What really makes me angry about the world

lion-721836_1280 has a 7 day blogging challenge and I signed up to give myself the extra push that I need to write more often. Today’s topic is what really makes me angry about the world.

When I saw the topic I let out a breath and thought about it for a few moments. Honestly, I couldn’t articulate what I was thinking. Has that ever happened to you? You know what you want to say, you can see it in your mind but can’t seem to get the thoughts down in written or verbal form. Let’s try this again because if I can think it I definitely can communicate it.

The lack of moral compass makes me angry about the world. It seems like the world has become so accepting of almost anything. The “If you’re ok with it, if it makes you happy then I’m ok with it” attitude is rampant. The result of this type of thinking is a generation of entitled, selfish, disrespectful individuals. It makes me angry.

The world justifies and accepts just about everything as ok, unless Christianity is attached to it of course and then it’s unacceptable.  It makes me angry that the world gets riled up and in a tizzy if Jesus or anything associated with the Bible is mentioned.

I’m going to end my post because honestly, I’d rather not focus on what about the world makes me angry. I’d like to focus on how we can make it better. In the Bible (Mark 12:30-31), Jesus tells us to Love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and then we’re to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I believe we are told to love God first because through our relationship with Him we learn who we are in Him and we learn to love ourselves. Once we love ourselves we can love our neighbors. When we live from this place of love, true love the world becomes a better place.

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Overwhelmed College Student


College can be a time of extreme anxiety and overwhelm for students. Being away from home and totally independent sounds like a dream but often the transition is a tough one. Finding structure and maintaining balance between school and play can be difficult for many, including the most responsible student.

The most arduous high school student often finds that the skills that got them through high school are not working for them in college. Imagine the shock this must be to the high school honor roll student. Coupled with the increased workload and the distractions of college life it is easy for the student to get off track, losing their confidence, and their way.

As a college instructor for over 10 yrs I have seen it happen too often. Parents, believe it or not students do not realize what is happening until they are almost drowning and then they feel defeated and do not seek out help.

This is where I can help. By serving as a success coach I speak with your student each week, judgment free. I’m not a therapist but I do provide a safe space for students to share their frustrations and victories. I can identify areas that need to be addressed and provide strategies before they become problems ensuring that your student has the tools he or she needs for college success. I have coached thousands of students (struggling and high-achieving) and know what they need to succeed, usually better study skills, time management strategies, confidence coaching, relationship coaching, personal development strategies, and lots of prayer.

Here’s what your student will receive:

1 Semester of College Success Coaching (16 weeks)

  • Personalized 1:1 coaching
  • 16  Coaching calls (30 minutes each)
  • Weekly text message check in and encouragement

Cost: US $1,000.00

For more information schedule a complimentary consult: CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE CALL

Accountability Coaching

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I have a confession to make. I’m ashamed of myself. I’ve been hiding someone so wonderful from you all. Keeping Him safely tucked away, showing glimpses of Him every now and then. Don’t misunderstand, He is in no way forgotten. He’s my constant companion. It’s because of Him that I am. 
I’ve been hiding Him because I didn’t want to turn people off before they even had a chance to see all the good stuff I have to offer (yes, I know). I figured I’d keep Him low key and if people wanted to know more I’d share more one on one. 

I can’t hide Him anymore. Every post that I want to write every product that I create He’s in there. He’s so intricately wrapped up in who I am that I can’t separate the message from the One who gave me the message. 

So today I’m going to introduce you to my Source, my Hope, my Redeemer, my constant Companion, the Lord Jesus Christ. The triune being, my Father, who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die, be buried, and ressurected from the dead, so that we can live. The Holy Spirit, sent by the Father so that we can be comforted and receive guidance while here on earth. 

Say hello and like the psalmist David, I too pray that you taste and see that the Lord is good. 

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