Anti-Anxiety Package

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God has a plan for your life and it’s a good one. Fear and anxiety are not a part of that plan. God’s will for you is peace, not just any peace, but a peace that goes beyond our understanding, and a peace that will guard our hearts and minds. He wants you to focus on good thoughts, things that are true. Anxiety is worry about something that has not happened yet and that doesn’t sound like truth to me.

In the Anti-anxiety package I walk you though the scriptures and show you that God doesn’t want you worrying. You’ll learn how to take those worrying thoughts captive so that you can have the peace that God promises. Confession cards are also provided to help you train yourself to think about God’s promises so that you can have a sound mind. A subscription to my newsletter is also included to encourage and uplift you.

When you order the Anti-anxiety package you will receive an email with a link to your audio. Your confession cards will be mailed to you but I want you to begin transforming your thinking right away, so while you’re waiting for your confession cards to arrive I will email a downloadable copy of your confession cards. Transform your life today. Click the Buy Now button below to get started.




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