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College can be a time of extreme anxiety and overwhelm for students. Being away from home and totally independent sounds like a dream but often the transition is a tough one. Finding structure and maintaining balance between school and play can be difficult for many, including the most responsible student.

The most arduous high school student often finds that the skills that got them through high school are not working for them in college. Imagine the shock this must be to the high school honor roll student. Coupled with the increased workload and the distractions of college life it is easy for the student to get off track, losing their confidence, and their way.

As a college instructor for over 10 yrs I have seen it happen too often. Parents, believe it or not students do not realize what is happening until they are almost drowning and then they feel defeated and do not seek out help.

This is where I can help. By serving as a success coach I speak with your student each week, judgment free. I’m not a therapist but I do provide a safe space for students to share their frustrations and victories. I can identify areas that need to be addressed and provide strategies before they become problems ensuring that your student has the tools he or she needs for college success. I have coached thousands of students (struggling and high-achieving) and know what they need to succeed, usually better study skills, time management strategies, confidence coaching, relationship coaching, personal development strategies, and lots of prayer.

Here’s what your student will receive:

1 Semester of College Success Coaching (16 weeks)

  • Personalized 1:1 coaching
  • 16  Coaching calls (30 minutes each)
  • Weekly text message check in and encouragement

Cost: US $1,000.00

For more information schedule a complimentary consult: CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE CALL

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