Your Dream Life Can Become Your Real Life

  I am frustrated by people who talk about a life they would love to live and do nothing to make it happen
. If there is one thing that I want you to get from reading this article it is that your dream life can become your real life.

If you’re dreaming of a different way of living then what you’re dreaming of is possible. You have to believe it and take steps to make it happen. Faith is having complete trust in something ( Trust your dream, trust that it is possible for you and go after it.

Believing that your dream can become a reality is difficult for a lot of people; I don’t want you to be one of the people who continues to doubt your dream. Say this out loud, “My dream life can become my real life”, say it until you believe it and then take steps to make it happen. Your dream life can become your real life.

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When what you want doesn’t look like you expected

Have you ever pursued something and the results that you were expecting just weren’t happening? I have. It’s frustrating, you give your best effort, you hang in there and crickets. Why does this happen?

You may not be having the results you were expecting for many reasons but today I just want to focus on one. Maybe, just maybe, you’re not pursuing the right thing. Maybe, just maybe, something else has showed up but you’re so focused on your current path that you’re not willing to put it aside for a while and pursue what has shown up.

I’m learning to do this in my own life. There have been times where I was so committed to pursuing my purpose the way that I thought it should be pursued that I missed the path that God wanted me to pursue. It doesn’t mean that my purpose has changed; the path that I take to carry out that purpose has been adjusted. Same message, different path.

Is there something that you’ve been hanging onto when you see a different way being presented to you? I want to encourage to let your way of doing things go and grab onto the way that is right in front of your eyes. Letting go doesn’t mean that you have abandoned your “baby”, you’re just taking it with you to a new place.

In my 4 week program, A Course in Personal Development, we go through this and more to help you move from a place of inaction to action in your life. Learn more about it here: LEARN MORE

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How to REALLY have the life you want

youth-570881_1280I talk a lot about personal development and creating a life that you want to wake up to each day. In order to have the life that you dream of there are things you will have to do to make it happen, however, there is one thing that is most important but gets overlooked. The one thing that is necessary in order to live the life that you dream of, the life filled with purpose, the life that brings you joy and fulfillment, is living the life God has planned for you. Trying to live life any other way will not give you what you are looking for. It just won’t work.

How do I know it’s true? I’ll ask you, how is living your life sans God working for you? You see, you can live life on your terms and things may feel like they’re going well for a short while. Eventually the emptiness will seep in and you will start getting restless. Some turn to drugs and alcohol to fill the void, some change careers, relocate, go to psychics, people try just about anything. Why? That gaping void continues to grow and it becomes unbearable. That void was meant to be filled by Jesus Christ. Nothing else will work.

So, if you want to have a life full of joy, adventure, and purpose I want to encourage you to first surrender your life to Jesus (just say Lord, I give my life to you), take some time to seek Him concerning what His plans are for your life (they’re good, Jeremiah 29:11), and then OBEY. You have everything to gain by following Him. “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalm 34:8

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A New Chapter


Yesterday I started a new chapter of my life. I am 100% my own boss something that was supposed to be a long time ago but fear of letting go delayed my leap. Let me give you a little backstory…

The Lord has been telling me to launch out into the deep and trust Him for a while. Circumstances even lined up to give me the gentle nudge that I needed but lack of trust kept me from embracing the opportunities and I would place myself back in bondage. I did this for nearly 2 yrs. Guess what happened? I was dropped from the cliff and I finally got the message. It was time for me to obey God and do what He called me to do.

I want to encourage you if you find yourself in a position where you do not know what is next for you. Here are some things you can do immediately:

  • Spend time alone with God and listen for what He speaks to you. It’s a scary place to be when you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you and you have no plan of action. It doesn’t have to be scary though if you have your trust in God. He has a good plan for your life, it’s up to you to find out that plan and then walk in it. Get alone and have a heart to heart with Him, share everything you are feeling and then listen for what He says to you.
  • Be careful who you share your situation with. This is so important. Not everyone believes God like you do or like you want to believe Him. People (loved ones and friends) can speak words that get you into fear and doubt. Be careful who you share with.
  • Obey what God says to you. What’s the point in seeking Him for His plan if you have no intention on doing it? Do what He says, His ways are best and His plan is good.

So, with no real plan in hand yet, I know bits and pieces of what I am to do. I am excited to finally be obedient and walk in what God has called me to do. Writing about my journey is part of what He has told me to do. I am 100% dependent on Him, as it should be. I am looking forward to doing His will and will share my journey with you through my blog and Periscope (@rochelleinglis).

If you have something to share about your own faith walk I’d love to hear all about it.

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God’s Plan For Your Life: Seek Him

I’ve been sharing on periscope (@rochelleinglis) about finding out God’s plan for your life. Here’s part 3 of what I have been sharing. 


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I Dare You

Is your back against the wall? Do you need God to move in your situation NOW? I dare you to go into your prayer closet with your Bible, pen, and journal in hand. Surrender, pray (tell God what’s on your heart), listen, and then obey. Things won’t be the same. 

Share your experience to encourage menand others.

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When God Doesn’t Show Up

I fasted, read my Bible, prayed, I even cried, and God did not sweep in and rescue me. This can’t be happening, God would NOT do this to me. I’m His daughter, a joint-heir with Christ, and all that other good stuff. He promised to supply all my need. If I speak to the mountain and believe when I pray I’ll have what I say. I even cast out some demons and evil spirits and my mountain remained. “What happened God?”

I felt broken, battle weary. I was baffled as to why God chose not to show up and rescue me from my mirey pit. In the midst of my brokeness I reached out for Him even more. Although I was disappointed and bewildered I knew that I could not move forward without Him. He is my anchor, my hope, my foundation. If He’s not there, I will crumble and fall.

I talked to Him in my brokeness. Let me rephrase that. I didn’t really talk, I groaned. Groaning was all that I could do, that’s how broken and weary I was, but I didn’t care. I needed to be in His presence. He knows my heart anyway, so I groaned and said “Jesus, Jesus” for a while, a long while. After a while I turned on some worship music and just sat there. Progress. Then I started praying in tongues. Then I stared and sighed. Then I got up and let Him know that I’m never letting go of Him.

So, what happened? Well, somewhere between my groanings and everything else, I knew why God didn’t show up. You see, He did show up, He never even left (Hebrews 12:1). He just did not show up the way that I was expecting Him to. Why? He gave me somethings to do and I did not do them. That’s it, pretty simple. I disobeyed God. OUCH!

I was speaking with a friend and she used an analogy of a parent and child. The child wants the parent to do something for them, the parent says “sure”, after you do the dishes. The child keeps pleading, the parent repeats the condition. As long as the child does not do the dishes, the parent will not do what they promised. I want to take that even further. Instead of doing the dishes, the child cleans their room, washes the windows, even mows the grass. These are all great things but they’re not what the parent asked. This is like what I was doing I did everything except what God asked me to do.

So, while I was broken and battle weary I learned the importance of obedience. Even if His instructions seem to have no connection to my need, my response is to obey. He knows best, His plan for my life is good, He loves me. I show my love for Him when I obey Him. So, I choose obedience, how about you?

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