5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do to Stay Focused on Business

As an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur making time to focus on your business can be challenging. Did you notice that I used the word “making” time vs having time?

When I first started my business I could not “find the time” to consistently work on my business. There was always something seemingly more urgent requiring my attention. I would say to myself, “tomorrow I’ll have more time.” Of course, this cycle kept repeating itself and I hardly ever had more time.

The truth is that I had enough time to focus on my business and so do you. My issue (and probably yours too) was I did not make my business a priority. When you are not focused on your business you do business when you can “squeeze in time” for it or when it’s convenient for you. Think about it, if you’re in a relationship and spent time with your significant other only when it was convenient for you, is that relationship a priority? Are you focused on that relationship? Do you think the relationship will flourish? The same is true for your business. If it’s not a priority, if it doesn’t have your focus, you won’t have much traction in your business.

You want to have a foundation for your business that leads to success. Being focused on your business is a necessary part of the foundation.

Here are 5 things you can do to stay focused on your business:

1. Get really clear about what you want for your business.

Focus is “directed attention” (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/focus). To stay focused you have to know what you’re directing your attention towards. By getting clear about what you want from your business you will have something to focus on. Take the time to find this out.

2. Write down what really matters.

Ask yourself why you’re doing what you do and stick it up somewhere to remind yourself. There may be days where you’ll have to remind yourself why you’re in business in order to stay focused; on those days you’ll be glad you did this exercise.

3. Say yes to you.

You have to stop putting yourself last. Believe it or not, it’s hard to focus on business when you’re not a priority in your own life. Make time for you.

4. Make a plan to have whatever you wrote in #1 and take action on it.

You’ll stay focused when you have a plan for making the business you desire a reality. Create a realistic plan and implement it. Each time you take action, your focus will grow stronger. You can do it!

5. Sometimes you need help and it’s ok.

Honestly, you are smart and you can take action on your own. However, since you’re reading this, you probably don’t have clarity, a plan of action, or the discipline required for taking consistent action right now and it’s ok. It just means that you can continue to wait for the motivation to come or you can have someone help you get there quicker. You decide.

There you have it, 5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Stay Focused on Business.

If taking consistent, focused action is the hardest thing for you to do right now, schedule a complimentary conversation with me let’s see how I can help. SCHEDULE CALL

What’s your biggest struggle with staying focused on your business and which step will you be implementing to overcome it?

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4 thoughts on “5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do to Stay Focused on Business

  1. Great advice… It’s so easy to get distracted by all the shiny objects that staying focused on your own goals is essential if you want to have any success in business.

  2. Ruth, yes it is! I’ve found that writing out whatever it is that I want to accomplish and sticking it up in my workspace and having it as a daily reminder in my phone helps me to say no to the shiny objects.

  3. Great post! I really struggle with focus (ENFP with, I suspect, ADD!) There are just SO many things I want to do, it is hard to keep my attention on the one thing. I am starting to realise, however ,that this means that I end up achieving nothing much so need to rein my wild dreams in and focus on achieving one at a time!

  4. Esther, I hear you! I also struggled with choosing the one thing to focus on. I felt like everything was important or I would be missing out if I didn’t focus on everything. I have learned to let go and trust that the thing I choose to focus on is the thing that I should be focusing on. I still have my days where I want to do it all but now I know to stop and redirect. One thing that really helps is for me to write down what it is that I am going to focus on and stick it up where I can see it. I also put the reminders in my phone. It really helps.

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